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10th century resources:
Bowl with horseman, Victoria and Albert Museum C.294-1987, 10th Century, Nishapur, Iran
9th-10th century manuscripts of Prudentius' Psychomachia
The Leiden I Maccabees manuscript, Germany, second half of 9th–early 10th century
Armenians on Surb Khach Church of the Holy Cross, Akdamar Island, Van Province, Turkey, c.920
Byzantine Soldiers in the Joshua Roll, early 10th century
Byzantine cavalry on the Troyes Casket, 10th Century
Bulgars Killing Byzantines, in the Menologion of Basil II, 10th Century
Lombards in a 10th Century Exultet Beneventano
An Arab Cavalryman in a 10th Century Papyrus Drawing
Cross of the Two Scriptures at Clonmacnois, Ireland, 10th century
. Irish Chieftain by Ian Heath based on the Cross of the Two Scriptures at Clonmacnois
Two Warriors arrest Jesus, on the Cross of Muiredach, Monasterboice, County Louth, Ireland, 10th century
10th century plate portraying armoured warriors, MNAO, Rome, Nishapur, Khurasan
A 10th century ivory plaque from Egypt, showing two guardsmen.
Dish with mounted Magyar? archer from Berezovskii u., Tobol'sk province, c.10th century
Dish with mounted Magyar? falconer from Utemil'skii, c.10th century
Scenes from the Book of Joshua on a Byzantine Casket, 10th Century, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Biblia de San Isidoro de Leon, Spain, 960
The San Miguel Beatus Codex by Beatus of Liébana, Spain, c.960
Horsemen on an Umayyad Casket from Cordoba, c.966-968
Ivory Pyxis with the name of Al-Mughira, Umayyad Spain, 968
Ivory Pyxis of Ziyad ibn Aflah, Umayyad Spain, c. 969-970
The Valcavado Beatus Codex by Beatus of Liébana, Spain, 970
Ivory Pyxis from Madinat al-Zahra, Umayyad Spain, 970AD
A Byzantine Plaque with Scenes from the Book of Joshua, 2nd half of 10th century
The Urgell Beatus Codex by Beatus of Liébana, Spain, c.975
The Gerona Beatus Codex by Beatus of Liébana, Spain, c.975
Fragmentary dish showing an archer, Madinat al-Zahraʾ, Spain, 10th-11th century
Siege of Jerusalem - Commentaries of Hayman on Ezekiel, Auxerre, France, c. 1000AD
Anglo Saxons in Prudentius' Psychomachia, c.1000
Anglo-Saxon drawings from the 'Caedmon manuscript', c.1000
French Costume & Soldiers in constellations, Dijon, c.1000
Anglo-Saxons in Prudentius' Psychomachia, Corpus Christi College, Ms. 23, c.1000 (small images only)
Gospel Book of Otto III, German, c.1000AD
Bronze Crucifixion Plaque, Clonmacnoise, County Offaly, Ireland, 10th-11th century
A Byzantine Casket, 10th-11th century, Musée National du Moyen Âge, Paris, France

Illustrations of 9th century Costume & Soldiers
Illustrations of 11th century Costume & Soldiers