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11th century resources:
Saxon Arms and Armour in Scenes and Characters of the Middle Ages, by Edward Lewes Cutts
Avar? or Kirghiz? Heavy Cavalryman on a Rock Carving at Seljek, Siberia
Harley Psalter, England, 1st half of the 11th century
Leyre (or Pamplona) Casket, Umayyad Spain, 1004-1005AD
The Emperor Receives a Battle-Standard from a Bishop, Milan, Northern Italy, between 998 and 1018
Book of Fixed Stars (Kitab suwar al-kawakib al-tabita) by 'Abd al-Rahman ibn 'Umar al-Sufi, Shiraz, Iran, 1009-10AD
Ottonians on the Elfenbeinsitula, Lotharingia, c.1000 or c.1024AD, in the Cathedral of Aachen
The Portrait Illumination of Basil II, Byzantine, c.1017
A Byzantine Ivory Casket, Victoria and Albert Museum 247:1, 2-1865, early 11th century
The Pila, an Islamic Ablution Basin, Spain, early to mid 11th century
Moors on an Ivory Casket of Santo St. Domingo de Silos, Cuenca, 1026
Wall paintings depicting Ghaznavid guards, Lashkar-i Bazar, Afghanistan, 1030-41AD
'Abram rescues Lot' in the Old English Hexateuch, 2nd quarter 11th century
Warriors on the Cumdach of the Stowe Missal, Ireland, c.1025–52AD
Ottonian Soldiers in Codex Aureus of Echternach, 1030-1050AD, Germanisches Nationalmuseum in Nuremberg, Germany
A Caucasian & a Negro Swordsman Fighting, Mosaic from the Church of S. Maria Maggiore, Vercelli, Italy, c.1040
Facundus Apocalypse by Beatus of Liébana, Spain, 1047
Moorish Casket from Cuenca, Spain, c.1049AD
Anglo-Saxon Costume & Soldiers in the Tiberius Psalter, England, c.1050
Capetian knight in the Corbie Gospel, 11th century, France
Two Warriors on Horseback on a Casket Lid, Victoria & Albert Museum No: A.542:1-1910, Byzantine, mid 11th century
Byzantine Mosaic depicting the soldier, Longinus, in the Nea Moni Church, Chios, Greece, c.1050AD
A Byzantine Plaque of Saint Theodore as a soldier, British Museum AN265591001, 11th century
'Abraham & Lot' in Prudentius' Psychomachia, manuscript Lyon, Bibliotheque du Palais des Arts, Ms. 22, 11th century
'Patience & Anger' in Prudentius' Psychomachia, manuscript Lyon, Bibliotheque du Palais des Arts, Ms. 22, 11th century
Lombard Arms & Costume in an 11th Century copy of the Encyclopedia of Maurus Hrabanus or De rerum naturis
The Cynegetica of Pseudo-Oppian, Byzantine, Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana Ms Grec 479, Venice, 11th century
Subjugation of the Cantabrians by Visigoth King Liuvigild, Spain, 11th century
Lombard King Rotario Dictating the Law. Codex Legum Longobardorum, Italy, 11th century
Lombard soldier in an 11th Century Exultet Roll, Museo Civico, Pisa
Horsemen in The Life of St Alessio in the Church of San Clemente, Rome, Italy, 11th Century
Ardchattan Stone, Ardchattan Priory, Argyll, Scotland, 11th century
Combat Against the Red Dragon with Seven Heads and Ten Horns, Cod. 33 Real Academia de la Historia, Spain
Saint George slays the Dragon on Folio 18r, Psalter of San Millan de la Cogolla, Spain
A Kipchak Balbal at Luhansk, 11th century
The Hidden Church (Sakli Kilise) Cappadocia, Turkey, showing Byzantine soldiers, by Steven Lowe
Biblia Sancti Petri Rodensis, the Roda Bible, Catalonia, 1050-1100AD
Saxon, Viking and Norman by Terrence Wise & G.A.Embleton
Saint-Sever Apocalypse by Beatus of Liébana, SW France before 1072AD
Guerrero armado, Liber Commicus, Academia de la Historia, Spain, 1073AD
The Bayeux Tapestry, c.1080AD, with captions in Latin & English
David in a Polirone Psalter, before 1086AD, Mantua, Biblioteca Comunale, ms. 340
El Burgo de Osma Codex by Beatus of Liébana, Spain, 1086
Saint Aubin defends Guérande, France, end of the 11th century
'Charlemagne's chess set', Southern Italy, end of the eleventh century
The Breac Maedhóc, a bronze Irish house-shrine from the 11th or 12th century
Seljuk Stucco Figures, mid-11th-mid-12th century
Seljuk Lampas Robe, Central Asia, 11th/12th century.
Seljuk Soldiers on a Bas Relief, late 11th early 12th century
Turkic cavalry on a Byzantine Ivory Casket, 11-12th Centuries
The 'Norman Bib' Reconstructed by Steven Lowe

Fatimid Soldiers and Hunters, 10th - 12th Centuries
Fatimid Musicians, Dancers & Revelers and Coptic Priest, 10th - 12th Centuries

10th century Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers
12th century Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers