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Selected 14th century illustrations of costume & soldiers from the
Chroniques de France ou de St Denis
Chronicles of France or of Saint Denis
British Library MS Royal 16 G VI, after 1332, before 1350
British Library, Royal MS 16 G VI
Title: Chroniques de France ou de St Denis
Origin: France, Central (Paris)
Date: after 1332, before 1350
Language: French
Script: Gothic
Artists: Mahiet, Master of the Cambrai Missal
Decoration: 418 one or two-column miniatures in colours and gold, at the beginning of books; the miniature at the beginning of the text with a full bar border with vine extensions (f. 3). Foliate initials in colours and gold, at the beginning of books. Initials in blue with red pen-flourishing, or in red with dark blue pen-flourishing.
Dimensions in mm: 390 x 280 (255 x 190)
Official foliation: ff. 447 (+ 3 unfoliated modern paper flyleaves at the beginning and at the end; ff. 246, 247 are medieval parchment flyleaves)
Form: Parchment codex

This manuscript contains a revised edition of the Grandes Chroniques de France that was commissioned by the future John II as Duke of Normandy (1332-1350), before his assumption of the throne. The text of the chronicle extends to the death of Louis IX (1270).
According to Hedeman 1991, one of nine illustrated copies of the Grandes Chroniques made before 1350, and illuminated in at least six distinct artistic styles between c. 1335-1340

Grandes Chroniques de France de Charles V BnF MS Français 2813, France, c.1375-1380
Chroniques de France ou de St Denis, British Library Royal 20 C VII, France, c.1398
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