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15th century resources:
Battle of El Puig, Altarpiece of St George, Valencia, Spain, c.1400
The illustration of the Knight in the Ellesmere Manuscript of Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
A Handgunner from Konrad Kyeser's military treatise 'Bellifortis', 1405
Islamic costume in 'The Chronology of Ancient Nations' of Al-Biruni, Tabriz, 1407 copy
Crucifixion of St. Andrew, by Borrassŕ, Barcelona, Spain, 1400-1415
Pedro IV, King of Aragon, in the Roll of Poblet, 1409-10
Late 14th to 15th century Mameluke costume in Kalila and Dimna
Illustrations of Turkmen of Anatolia from Iskandar-namah (The Book of Alexander the Great), 1416
Embrace in the Golden Gate, The Kiss of Judas, 1410-1425, Aragon, Spain
Altarpiece of St. Barbara, by Sarria, 1410-25, Valencia, Spain
Legend of the 12th century Crusade of Erik IX of Sweden to Finland, Nousiainen Church, c.1415-20
Frescoes in the Čerín Roman Catholic Church, Slovakia, early 15th century
Battle of El Puig, Alterpiece of St George, Jerica, Spain, 1420
The Saint George Legend, Hronský Beňadik Monastery Church, portrayed as a Hungarian Knight, 1423
Paintings of Italian Soldiers of the early to mid 15th Century
Crucifixion, by Master Thomas De Coloswar, Hungary, 1427
Timurid Soldiers from Baysunghur's copy of the Shahnama by Ferdowsi, 1430
The Alba Bible, Spain, 1430, including Brethren of the Order of Calatrava
Helmet with the name of Mamluk Sultan Barsbay, 1422-38
The tomb effigy of Stibor of Beckov (d.1434), Hungary, 15th century
'Book of Fixed Stars', by al Sufi, Samarkand, c. 1430-1440
Altarpiece of Saint Vincent, by Martorell, Barcelona, Spain, 1438-40
Soldiers in wall paintings in Brönnestad Church, Scania, Sweden, c. 1440
Italian soldiers in La sconfitta di Montaperti The defeat of Montaperti by Niccolo di Giovanni Ventura, 1443
15th Century Illustrations of Burgundian Costume & Soldiers from Le Roman d'Alexandre
Martyrdom of Saint Eulalia, by Martorell, Barcelona, Spain, 1442-5
Hussite Wagon Fortress, c.1437
A Hussite War Wagon, circa 1445-50, from Eberhard Windeck's Das Buch von Kaiser
Warfare and Firearms in Fifteenth Century Morocco, 1400-1492 By Weston F. Cook Jr.
Effigy of John Hunyadi the Younger, after 1446, in the armour of a Hungarian Knight
Illustrations of Sultanate of Delhi soldiers, Jainesque Shahnama, 1450, India
Court of the Horses at Srirangam, India, 15th century
Cuman and Hungarian Soldiers in the Saint Ladislaus legend
A Georgian 15th century enamel of St. George killing the dragon
Drawings on the wall of Abbey Knockmoy, Co. Galway, Ireland, 15th Century
St. Jerome & St. Sebastian by Ferrer, Aragon, Spain, 1450
Mail-shirt of Sultan Qaitbay. Egypt, 15th century
Tomb Slab of a Knight of St. James, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 15th century
Marching out of a Hungarian bandery, from the St Elisabeth altar, Košice, Slovakia
St. Vincent at the stake, by Huguet, Barcelona, Spain, 1455-60
Aq Qoyunlu (White Sheep) Turkmen in the Fatih album (Hazine 2153)
Cassone with painted front panel called the 'Conquest of Trebizond', Florence, Italy, c.1461–1465.
The tomb effigy of György Szentgyörgyi, Slovakia, 1467
Spanish soldiers in Saint George by Pedro Nisart, Mallorca, Spain, c.1468-70
. Spanish Infantry, 15th century, by Ian Heath based on Saint George by Pedro Nisart
A Mamluk manual of military practice and horsemanship, Egypt or Syria, 1470
Sleeping Guards at the Sepulchre, Hronský Beňadik Monastery Church, 1470s, portrayed as Hungarian Heavy Infantry
Timurid Soldiers and Turkmen successors
Alabaster panel with a scene of the Martyrdom of St Thomas Becket, England, 1450-1500
The tomb effigy of Újlaki Miklós, Újlak, Slavonia, Croatia, c.1477AD
Aq Qoyunlu (White Sheep) Turkmen in the Divan of Hidayat, 1478
The Gradual of King Matthias Corvinus of Hungary, National Széchényi Library, Budapest, Hungary. Cod. Lat. 424, 1480-1488AD
Paintings of Italian Soldiers of the mid to late 15th Century
Breydenbach's Peregrinationes in Terram Sanctam, 1486
The tomb effigy of Imricha Zapolyai, c.1487, Spišská, Slovakia
The tomb effigy of Martín Vázquez de Arce 'Doncel de Sigüenza', Order of Santiago, Spain, c.1486
The Hungarian Saint Ladislaus legend in the Chronica Hungarorum of Thuróczy János, 1488
Late 15th Century Illustrations of Soldiers of the Turkmen States of Persia or Anatolia
German Light Horsemen by Albrecht Dürer, 1489
Leopold I in the fight against the Hungarians. The Babenberg family tree at Stift Klosterneuburg, 1489
Portugese & Moors in The Pastrana Tapestries of Alfonso V of Portugal, late 15th century
Ottoman Soldiers from 15th century European Illustrations
Five Lansquenets and an Oriental on Horseback, by Albrecht Dürer, 1495.
Wood carvings of scenes of the Conquest of Granada on the Choir Stalls in Toledo Cathedral, Spain
The King of Aragon presides over the courts, Usatges i Constitucions de Catalunya, c.1495.
French troops and artillery entering Naples, 1495
Fresco in the Guard Room, Castello di Issogne, Val d'Aosta, north west Italy, c. 1495
A description of the 1480 siege of the city of Rhodes, by William Caoursin, 1496
The pilgrimage of the Knight Arnold von Harff, 1496 to 1499
Calvary, Altar of Sant Esteve de Granolles, Spain, 1495-1500
Effigy at Iona of Roderick, 7th Chief of the MacLeods of Lewis (d. c.1498)
Ottomans in Khusrau and Shirin, 1498–99AD
Effigy of King Stephen of Hungary, 1499, in the armour of a Hungarian Knight
The Naval Battle of Zonchio (Navarino), 1499
Ivan the Great and his 1499-1503 Campaigns, Part One - The Lithuanian Campaign by C N Hammersley
A Mamluk Training with a Lance from a furusiyya manuscript, David Collection Museum, Denmark, c. 1500
Timurid Soldiers from a Khamsah of Niẓāmī Ganjavī, by Bihzad, late 15th/early 16th century

Illustrations of 14th century Costume & Soldiers
Illustrations of 16th century Costume & Soldiers