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9th century resources:
Carolingian soldiers in the Corbie Psalter, beginning of the 9th century, Northern France
Prudentius' Psychomachia 'Conflict Of The Soul' in Leyden, Universitatsbibliothek, Codex Burmanni Q 3, 9th century
The Apocalypse, Valenciennes - BM - ms. 99, Spanish, early 9th century
Emperor Constantine at the Council of Nicaea in a compendium of canon law produced in northern Italy c.825 AD
Archer & Javelinman in, folio 15v, the Ebbon Gospels, France, 817-834AD
Reliefs on vaulting bosses, 848 AD, Spanish, Church of Santa Maria, Naranco
Abbasid Soldier? on a bowl, 9th Century, Iraq. Qatar Museum of Islamic Art
Detail of a 9th century Pictish Crossbowman on the Drosten Stone
Chludov Psalter, Byzantine, Moscow, Historical Museum MS 129, folio 3, 9th century
9th Century Carolingian Soldiers in the Vivian Bible, 845-851AD
9th Century Carolingian Soldiers in the Lothar Bible, 849-851AD
Ivory Book Cover of Charles the Bald, France, c.860
St. Theodore, Coptic, after Dec. 31, 867AD. Morgan MS. M.0613
9th Century Carolingian Soldiers in Codex Aureus of St. Emmeram (Saint Emmeram Gospels), c.870AD
9th Century Carolingian Soldiers in the Bible of San Paolo Fuori Le Mura, c.870-880AD
Carolingian Arms and Armor in the Ninth Century, by Simon Coupland
Abraham & Lot in Prudentius' Psychomachia, France (Reims ?), 870-899AD
Prudentius' Psychomachia 'Conflict Of The Soul' in BnF Ms. Latin 8085, France (Reims ?), 870-899AD
Abraham & Lot in Prudentius' Psychomachia, Northern France: Abbey of Saint-Amand?, c. 890 AD
Tractatus de vitiis et virtutibus Treatise on the vices and the virtues, BnF Ms. Latin 8318, France, 9th century
Carolingian soldiers in The Golden Psalter of St. Gallen, Codex Perizoni F 17, c.883-888 and 890-900
Carolingian Arms and Armor in the Ninth Century by Simon Coupland
Byzantine Infantry on The Rome or David Casket, Byzantine, 898 or 900AD
Picts on the Aberlemno 2 Stone (The kirkyard stone), Aberlemno, Angus, Scotland, 9th-10th centuries
A 9th-10th Century Persian Wall Painting, Palace of Sabzpušan at Nišapur, Saffarid or Samanid Period
Foot soldier with a war-axe on a 9th-10th Century Persian Jug, Louvre, Saffarid or Samanid Period,
The Leiden I Maccabees manuscript, Germany, second half of 9th–early 10th century
A Sogdian split tapestry (kilim) coat with animal motifs, Central Asia, 9th/10th Century
Magyar? horseman on a silver dish from Muzhy, 9th - 10th centuries
Magyar? horseman on a ewer from Nagyszentmiklós, 9th - 10th centuries.
. Asiatic Heavy Cavalrymen by Ian Heath
9th-10th centuries, Saffarid-Samanid period bowls portraying Persian armoured warriors, Nishapur, Khurasan

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