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Illustrations of Scandinavian Costume and Soldiers

'Sigurd's Helmet', Sweden, 7th century
Finland: the Viking Ages by Kristian Ola
A Danish Crusader Knight on the Vejerslev Effigial, 12th century
Scandinavian Knight on the Baldishol Tapestry, Hedmark, Norway, 12th century
Sigurd the Dragon Slayer from the portal of Hylestad Stave Church, Setesdal, 12th century
Sigurd kills Regin, Hylestad stave church door, Norway, 12th century
Chessmen from Uig, Lewis, western isles of Scotland, c.1150-1175
Altar from Broddetorp Parish Church, 12th century, Västergötland, Sweden
Murder of Thomas Becket on the font in Lyngsjo Church, Scania, southern Sweden, late 12th century
Scandinavian Knights on the Valthjofsstadir Church Door, Iceland, c. 1200 AD
Seal of Karl "Döve" Bengtsson, Sweden, early 13th century
Knights in 'The Story of St Mary of Antioch', Ål Church, Norway, mid 13th century
Effigy of Bjorn Finsson, Trondheim Cathedral, Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway, 1280
'Massacre of the Innocents', Dädesjö Church ceiling paintings, Småland, Sweden, late 13th century
St Maurice as a Knight on a Reliquary, Lögon Monastery, Denmark, c.1300
Effigy of Nils Jonsson, St Mary's Church, Sigtuna, Uppland, Sweden, 1316
Swedish Knights on wall paintings from the Church at Södra Råda in Sweden, 1323AD
Hardenberg's Codex, Norway, early 14th century
Illuminations from the collection of Icelandic sagas, the Flateyjarbók, 14th century
Legend of the 12th century Crusade of Erik IX of Sweden to Finland, Nousiainen Church, c.1415-20
Soldiers in a wall painting in Brönnestad Church, Scania, Sweden, c. 1440